25th Book Fair(y) in Istria THE CITY IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION
December 5–15, 2019

The artistic, true Istria, self-effacing and always somewhat mysterious, the bedrock of today's Book Fair(y) founded by Boško Obradović, is represented by recent publications by Istrian publishers and authors, as well as authors that, directly or indirectly, refer to Istria in their works.


  • 29.11

    Boris Domagoj Biletić (selection and composition): BOOK PORTRAIT: Daniel Načinović (Istrian branch of the Croatian Writers’ Association)

    With: Daniel Načinović, Boris Domagoj Biletić and Aljoša Pužar


  • 04.12

    Darko Dukovski, Vedran Dukovski and Dario MatikaISTRA U DOMOVINSKOM RATU 1991.–1995. (Istarski ogranak DHK)

    With: Darko Dukovski, Vedran Dukovski, Dario Matika, Boris Domagoj Biletić and Aljoša Pužar


  • 06.12

    Igor GrbićMRVICE S GOZBE (Sandorf)

    With: Igor Grbić, Ivan Vidak and Dinko Telećan