25th Book Fair(y) in Istria THE CITY IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION
December 5–15, 2019

Talking Behind the Curtain is a programme that promotes the latest non-fiction reads and generates a variety of academic and expert debates in which essayists, philosophers, historians, anthropologists, and other scientists who avoid the traps of mainstream mentality open up space for a productive discussion about the trivialities of everyday life, to which we are often slaves, not masters.


  • 30.11

    Damir BarbarićPUTOKAZI (Matica hrvatska)

    With: Damir Barbarić, Dragutin Lučić and Andrea Matošević


  • 04.12

    Sinan GudževićMAKSIMIR i MIROGOJ  (Fraktura)

    With: Sinan Gudžević, Boris Dežulović and Aljoša Pužar


  • 05.12

    Ozren Žunec
    COTARDOV SINDROM: didaktično-moralistički kanconijer (Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada)

    With: Ozren Žunec, Anita Šikić and Aljoša Pužar


  • 07.12

    Leonida Kovač
    MRĐAN BAJIĆ: rasprizorujuće transverzale (Supervizuelna)

    With: Leonida Kovač, Mrđan Bajić and Paola Orlić