25th Book Fair(y) in Istria THE CITY IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION
December 5–15, 2019

Since 2001 Twilight Reading has been promoting publishing activities in the year coming to an end, bringing into focus hot off the press books that haven't been presented to the general public yet. Discussion between colleagues – authors, publishers, translators and literary critics – familiarizes the audience with titles that will make a lasting impact on the publishing year and gives them an insight into books worth reading. Twilight Reading is marked by comprehensive analysis, expert opinions and emotional presentations, and we look forward to it year after year.


  • 29.11

    Julijana AdamovićDIVLJE GUSKE (Hena com)

    With: Julijana Adamović, Kruno Lokotar and Paola Orlić


  • 02.12

    Borivoj RadakovićHOĆEMO LI SUTRA U KINO (VBZ)

    With: Borivoj Radaković, Drago Glamuzina, Zoran Simić and Paola Orlić


  • 08.12

    Senko Karuza
    FOTOGRAFIJE KRAJA (MeandarMedija)

    With: Senko Karuza, Miroslav Mićanović and Tanja Mravak


  • 08.12

    Javier Cercas

    With: Javier Cercas, Tomislav Brlek and Vlaho Bogišić